One of IRHAP's core objectives is the increased sharing and dissemination of research and fundings. As a result, a number of different kinds of publications emerge out of this work.

We are reconstructing this page to provide a more user friendly database. However, in the interim, publications can be divided into:

  • Research Reports: Research reports emerging from work directly managed by or affiliated to ARHAP/IRHAP

  • Conference Reports: Reports from IRHAP conferences, including working papers

  • Literature Reviews: Ongoing systematic literature reviews on several topics of interest to the IRHAP collaborative

  • IRHAP Working Paper Series: A new collection of working papers for review and comment by colleagues

  • Individual partner research: Several individuals in the IRHAP collaborative continue with individual research work that is related in different ways. We are working to construct better pages for many of these individuals with selected publication lists of relevant work.