Olivier&Wodon: Strengthening the evidence for faith-inspired health engagement in Africa, Vols 1,2&3 (The World Bank HNP Discussion Series)

Gunderson&Cochrane: Mobilising Religious Health Assets for Transformation (Barefoot Collective)

IRHAP-NEWS: newsletter May 2013


An international collaborative network working on the interface of religion and public health.

IRHAP is a collaborative network which seeks to develop systematic evidence of religious health assets to align and enhance the work of religious health leaders, public policy decision-makers and other health workers in their collaborative efforts to meet the challenges of disease, to strengthen health and community systems, and to promote sustainable health, especially for those who live in poverty or under marginal conditions.

Our work includes:

  • Transdisciplinary research on religion, public health and development
  • A special focus on health systems and policy
  • A special focus on complexity and integration
  • Building capacity in research-practitioners, especially in development contexts
  • Multisectoral networking
  • Intentional South-South and South-North partnerships
  • Identification and understanding of religious health assets
  • Development and dissemination of research materials and tools
  • Research and evaluation of key projects and initiatives


The African Religious Health Assets Programme (ARHAP) has been going through a transition. On conclusion of its first eight-year cycle in 2010, and after consultation with partners, ARHAP was re-launched in 2012 for a second cycle. While continuing to operate as a research collaborative with a focus on development contexts, the name was changed to the International Religious Health Assets Progamme (IRHAP) to more properly reflect the expansion of interests and partners.

Also, the co-ordinating Hub of IRHAP has moved into the School of Public Health and Family Medicine at the University of Cape Town - a development which brings exciting new connections and energy.


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